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In the beginning, NFSunlimited Showroom Challenges were known as 'ModChallenges'. After the zero2HEROChallenge, a new part of was born, the SR Challenge. There's been many Showroom Challenges since the idea of a Pink Car Challenge was born in February 2004, and this is a list of all the challenges so far.



  1. PinkChallenge
  2. RallyChallenge
  3. SentraChallenge
  4. SleeperChallenge
  5. RicerChallenge
  6. HotHatchChallenge
  7. zero2HEROChallenge
  8. ReplicaChallenge
  9. BlackChallenge
  10. EclipseChallenge
  11. IncognitoChallenge
  12. UnderdogChallenge
  13. UniqueChallenge
  14. TuningChallenge
  15. TiburonChallenge
  16. ManufacturerChallenge
  17. WildGreenChallenge
  18. WidebodyChallenge
  19. CarbonFibreChallenge
  20. FlamingChallenge
  21. SkylineChallenge
  22. CustomChallenge

Underground 2

  1. PinkChallenge
  2. Underground World Cup
  3. Replica Challenge
  4. 2 Hot Hatch Challenge
  5. Pimp MY Ride Competition
  6. Sleeper Challenge
  7. Euro Challenge
  8. Executive Challenge
  9. Devil Or Divine
  10. Ricer Challenge 2005
  11. 2005 NFSUnlimited Rally Challenge
  12. UglyDucklingChallenge
  13. Police Challenge
  14. Carmageddon Challenge
  15. Widebody Challenge

The results and entries for the NFSU2 Showroom Challenges are missing from NFSUnlimited, but on, you can find a little bit of info from them, and some of the winners. It's not a complete list, but it seems like the best option at the moment.

Most Wanted



  1. r3act Challenge
  2. American Hotrod Challenge
  3. Graffiti Challenge
  4. Raxles Challenge
  5. Camouflage Challenge

Community Tuning Challenge

With the end of showroom challenges for ProStreet, a new forum based - user run challenge was set up for any users who would like to have a bit of fun, challenge themselves and to bring some competition back into the showroom.

  1. NFSU2 10 Star Car Challenge
  2. NFSPS Shapes Challenge
  3. NFSU2 AE86 Challenge
  4. NFSPS D1GP Challenge

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