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Feel the Speed Ringer tshirt *Purchase
Feel the Speed Serene Green tshirt *Purchase

A special contest was organized on in August 2006 with the aim to find a suitable design for's tshirts. From the large number of entries 4 were chosen as the finalists and all are available in the tshirt store for sale in various shapes and sizes.

The Contest

The contest to pick designs for the official tshirt began in the forum on August 2nd 2006 with simple requirements and a little less than a month available to enter. Nearly a hundred different entries were submitted by different users, including old time veterans and newcomers. When the deadline was over, the staff picked 5 finalists and left the final selection to forum users. Toineed's Feel the Speed design won with 40% votes received, 2nd place and 15% of votes was shared by Sir Ibi and chad2006, Boganbusman came 4th again with 15% and H.Pierrot last with 12% of votes.


From the 5 semi finalists, 4 designs, including Sir Ibi's, boganbusman's, chad2006's and Toineed's, are available for purchase on various products.


Various products are available for purchase by a Denver, USA based printing service where has a dedicated shop.

  • Men T-Shirts
    • Toineed's Feel the Speed t-shirt [1]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight t-shirt [2]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiDark t-shirt [3]
    • chad2006's Speed Limit? t-shirt [4]
    • boganbusman's Get Moving t-shirt [5]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight Ringer t-shirt [6]
    • Toineed's Feel the Speed Ringer t-shirt [7]
  • Women T-Shirts
    • Toineed's Feel The Speed t-shirt [8]
    • boganbusman's Get Moving t-shirt [9]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight t-shirt [10]
    • chad2006's t-shirt [11]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight fitted cap sleeve t-shirt [12]
  • Long Sleeve shirts
    • Toineed's Feel the Speed long sleeves [13]
    • boganbusman's Get Moving long sleeves [14]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight long sleeves [15]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiDark long sleeves [16]
    • chad2006's Speed Limit long sleeves [17]
  • Sleeveless shirts
    • boganbusman's Get Moving sleeveless shirt [18]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight sleeveless shirt [19]
  • Aprons
    • Toineed's Feel the Speed apron [20]
    • Sir Ibi's IbiLight apron [21]

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